My Monthly Goals | April 2018

March has been a much more productive month! I’ve managed to achieve so much more than I did last month, which I am really happy about. I feel that setting these goals have really helped, as they are always in the back of my mind.

So as I said in my March monthly goals post, at the start of every month. I plan to reflect back on the past month and analyse what I was/wasn’t happy with and set my new goals for the new month. I will then post it up the first week of the month, with my new goals and how I got on during the past month. So here goes…

Firstly let me go through my March goals, you can find the original post here

 Monthly Goals


  • Prepare blog posts 2 weeks in advance – This would make my life easier when certain things come up and I don’t get to write as often as I plan too.  – I did prepare a few blog posts in advance, so this was a success! There is a but though, but I’ll put that below…
  • Upload posts 3 times a week Mon/Weds/Sunday – This I didn’t do, I don’t really have an excuse! I thin when I write the posts in advance, I also need to do all the imagery that goes with it.
  • Regularly join linkys – 3x a weekI’m still on a journey to find the perfect linkys so if you have any you love please drop me a comment below. I think I did one this month…
  • Daily EngagementI have a plan for this just need to ensure that I fit it in daily. – I’ve sort of been doing this, need to be more strict with myself though.

Home/Family Life

  • Do housework daily – spend 15 minutes 2x times a day doing some sort of clean/tidy up to stop me having to spend hours doing it – I’ve been doing this, it makes such a difference! My flat is generally always tidy now, if you ignore all the toys that is haha!
  • Have a clear out– Sell bits on eBay/facebook and give some to charity. – Yes! It actually feels really good to be able to say I have been completing things! 
  • Have a toy de-clutter in the girls room– There are far too many toys that don’t get touched. – I have done this, we now have a selection of things that I am gradually getting rid of.

Self Care

  • Sunday nights are for me – No working, go to bed early, watch a movie. – We’ve actually just completed watching 7 seconds on Netflix. So if anyone has any series recommendations for our Sunday evenings’  I would really appreciate hearing them.
  • Gym a minimum of 3 times a week I’m aiming to wake up at 7 am and get to the gym and back before the morning rush commences. – I’ve managed twice a week for the last 2 weeks, at the beginning of the month I managed once a week!
  • Follow slimming world plan and keep a food diary – I did do this for some of the month, just not enough to record a difference.  This month I will do better, I promise lol
  • Wake up earlier I’ve got into a really bad habit of getting up quite late, which then equals a rushed/stressed me when its time to leave. So the plan is on morning I don’t go to the gym, I still get up early and start my day. – This I have been doing, my youngest sleeps through the night now, so I’m sleeping much better.

Personal Growth

  • Be more organised– start to using my happy planner to plan my months/weeks – My happy planner is my bestie.
  • Improve timekeeping I’ve got a really bad track record for being on time, and one of my goals for the year is to basically not be late. – I’m still on track with this.

Monthly Goals

April Goals

Setting Aprils monthly goals were a lot harder than last month, not much has really changed and some goals are still on going.


  • Prepare blog posts 2 weeks in advance – I need to do this as standard, it really makes things easier.
  • Upload posts 2 times a week I’ve decided to decrease the amount of times I post to twice a week. Tuesday’s and Friday’s. I’m currently starting up a second business venture, so I don’t want to overstretch myself.
  • Regularly join linkys – 2x a weekI’m still on a journey to find the perfect linkys so if you have any you love please drop me a comment below.
  • Daily EngagementI need to focus on this more this month
  • Work on Social MediaI need focus my attention on building up my social media content and following.

Home/Family Life

  • Continue the clear out– Sell bits on eBay/Facebook and give some away to charity.
  • Save moneyI’m currently on a mission to save, save, save!

Self Care

  • Gym a minimum of 3 times a week This needs to continue, I’m hoping to work my way up to 5 times a week.
  • Follow slimming world plan and keep a food diary – As I pretty much failed last month, I am going to try harder this month. I go away in a few weeks time, so need to get focused.

Have you set yourself monthly goals? I would love to here what they are…Also be sure to come back next month to see how I’ve got on…

april Monthly goals


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